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Are You Doing Backups Of Your Critical Data?

Unfortunately, data backups are one of those tasks that often gets overlooked until it’s too late.

Other challenges for business’s these days is the increasing mobility of workers and data on devices sometimes not connected to the business network.

Danny Martin IT Services can advise on best practices for storing all of your important business data in the one location that is secure, easily accessible by all workers, and securely backed up to at least two locations (onsite and offsite). Once backups are setup they should be tested at least quarterly to ensure restoration of data is possible in the event of a disaster.

Is your network secure? Danny Martin IT Services can advise on best practices to ensure that the bots scanning the internet will not find a hole in your defences and access (or destroy) your data.

Hint: Using a complex password of 12 characters instead of 8 characters can make the difference between someone getting access to your data or not!

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