Virus and Spyware Removal


If you think you’ve been hit by a virus take your computer off the network or even shut it down. If you are looking at a ransom note asking for Bitcoin on your computer go to our Crypto Ransomware section here.

Sometimes you won’t even know you have a virus, by their very nature they do not usually advertise themselves, simply sitting in the background collecting your information as you use the computer. Other types of viruses might make browsing the internet impossible or slow things down so much that you realise you have a problem.

Scouring Google for an answer to your problem could even make things worse if you click on the wrong website. You should call the professionals to get some expert help before it’s too late.

Our experts will:

  • Inspect the machine for Viruses and Malware and remove them using specialist tools and software
  • Repair any issues caused by the virus/malware
  • Test all functionality
  • Determine if there are any actions that can be taken to prevent another reoccurrence

Please Note: In extreme cases, our experts might need to take the device offsite to diagnose the problem.

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